Villa rent in Udon Thani

Udon Thani province: Things to see


Udon Thani is  approximately 550 kilometres from Bangkok as the crow flies. Whilst the town itself grew remarkably during the Vietnam war, when it was a major base for the US forces, the first , prehistoric civilization of the region  (dating back almost five thousand years) was in Ban Chiang, near Rice Paddy Villa. 

The districts in the province include the town itself,  Kumphawapi, Nong Han, Phen, Ban Phue, Ban Dung, Si That, Nam Som, Nong Wua So, Kut Chap, Non Sa-at, Wang Sam Mo, Chai Wan, Nong Saeng, Sang Khom, Thung Fon, Na Yung, Phibun Rak, Ku Kaeo and Prachaksinlapakhom - the district where Rice Paddy Villa is located.


Whilst an impromptu bicycle ride through the local villages or a tuk-tuk journey around the surrounding countryside offer the most  immediate and fascinating ways to experience Thai village life off the beaten path, the province of Udon Thani also boasts numerous sights to see and places to visit.

The UNESCO World Heritage site at Ban Chiang
This archaeological site was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site  in 1992. Ban Chiang is approximately 25 minutes from Rice paddy Villa by car. 


The museum has recently been entirely overhauled, and houses antiques,  artefacts, prehistoric  tools and utensils as well as the iconic  earthenware pots that date back  4 to 7,000 years and are believed to be the oldest decorative pots in the world.  reproductions are hand crafted in the village and may be purchased at very reasonable prices. The village, and other villages before Ban Chiang, have numerous small shops selling local handicrafts.


The Lotus Lake (Talay Bua Daeng)

Best visited in December, January and February, these listed wetlands  are home to rare birds and wildlife and to be truly appreciated need to be visited by boat. At Rice Paddy Villa we have a traditional longboat made of wood which glides readily over the shallow, clear waters.  Watch fishermen at work as they cast their circular nets, children collecting lotus stalks for lunch, water buffalo wallowing in the cooling waters and mud, or marvel at the thick sea of pinks as the lotus flowers bloom in the morning.


Ban Na Kha
In and around this village, indigenous silks and cottons are dyed and woven - one of the favourites being "Khit" cloth with its distinctive patterns. Silks and cottons may be purchased here at attractive prices. 

Phu Foi Lom

Phu Foi Lom lies within the  Pan Don Pa Ko National Reserved Park, approximately 35kms out of Udon Thani. It is home to rare plants, flowers and wildlife, and has several trails which can be trekked by the more adventurous.


Phu Phra Bat 
The historical park of Phu Phra Bat lies in Ban Phue District and is dotted with relics in the Dvaravati, Lop Buri, & Lanchang styles. The most striking features of the area include both strangely shaped rock formations (believed to have been etched out of the rock by massive glaciers) and  prehistoric  buildings and objects. Many of the features blend the two, with natural formations having been adopted centuries ago into sites of religious or spiritual significance and decorated with now almost faded cave paintings.


Wat Pha Ban Tat
This famous  temple, rich in trees and wild animals and with an atmosphere inviting to those who come to meditate,  is renowned by the Thais as the temple of the highly respected monk Luangta Maha Bua. 


Udon Thani Museum
The museum of Udon Thani is found at  Pho Si Road and explains the town's history, culture, traditions and archaeology , with special mention of Krommaluang Prachaksinlapakhom, the founder of the city after whom the district of Prajak Sinlaphakhom - which is home to Rice Paddy Villa -  is named.

Na Yung Nam Som Forest Park
Yung Thong Waterfall lies on the  the ridge of Phu Phan and Phu Ya Ou, where a stream flows through the steep rock cliff and is best visited in the rainy season.