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Thailand holiday villa: travel to Udon Thani


Getting to Rice Paddy Villa  is easy!


Travel to Udon Thani is possible by air, by train and by car or coach...and equally, for the more adventurous, by bicycle, motorcycle or tuk-tuk!  Once in Udon Thani, we will arrange a transfer to the villa for you at no cost.


Flights to Udon Thani

Udon Thani enjoys regular air connections by both the national airline, Thai Airways, and via the budget carriers Nok Air, Air Asia and Thai Lion Air. Tickets may be booked online, whereupon an e-ticket will be sent to you automatically. Thai and Air Asia also allow you to select your seat in advance.


Flights include:


Bangkok - Udon Thani:

3 daily flights on Thai Airways from Bangkok to Udon Thani

3 daily flights on Nok Air from Bangkok to Udon Thani

2 daily flights on Air Asia from Bangkok to Udon Thani

Daily flights on Thai Lion Air..


Chiang Mai - Udon Thani

A daily flight on Nok Air from Chiang Mai to Udon Thani


Phuket - Udon Thani

A daily flight  on Air Asia from Phuket to Udon Thani


You may book online at the respective sites: Thai Airways, Nok Air and Air Asia.


In addition, just over the Mekong river in Laos lies the capital, Vientiane, with flights from Luang Prabang, and Bangkok. From here, there is both a train service and regular coach service to Udon Thani (allow approx 2 hours.)


Visit the following site for useful details on recommended hotels throughout Laos.


The train to Udon Thani

There are several trains that depart Bangkok and follow the North-eastern line to Udon Thani, stopping here before finishing the journey up to Nong Khai. Comprehensive details on train travel in Thailand and information on Thai train ticket bookings may be found at  Man in Seat 61


By car or coach

Udon Thani is approximately 7 hours from Bangkok by car or coach.

Car rentals are possible through reputable car hire companies such as Avis or Hertz.

Regular coach and bus services link the Thai capital to Udon Thani.